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Sponsors of The Texas Open

3D6 Wargaming

A community staple for events and teams alike. They offer Custom or premade objective markers, Terrain, Battle Borders, and dice options. Check them out for customization or pre-designed options across their product offerings.


We have designed and developed probably the best storage case for miniatures. A-CASE is the name of a series of unique, very light and solid cases for storing, protecting and transporting your precious miniature armies.

AK Interactive

AK Interactive is a Spanish company founded by modelers for modelers that has managed to become one of the most important brands in the modeling world, continuously revolutionizing the range of paints, brushes, weathering products, and effects. The constant search for innovative products is the way forward.

Our goal is to offer tools to the modelers so that they can put aside the most tedious tasks of their hobby and they can focus on achieving better results in their scale models day after day.

This simplification of tasks, combined with realism and historical precision, is the key to the success of our acrylic paints, oils, enamel based effects, Real Colors, Weathering Pencils, products for dioramas and vegetation, etc.

To carry out this commitment, we strive every day for modelers from all over the world to collaborate in the development of new products as well as to participate in demonstrations and tutorials so that the international modeling community is enriched and does not stop innovating.

Anvil Industries

Anvil Industry offers high-quality hand-cast resin miniatures and conversion parts alongside digital downloads for home 3d printing for wargamers looking to build a unique collection.

Taking our inspiration from history, fiction, modern and retro sci-fi, our range will stand alone, or complement your existing 28mm heroic scale Sci-Fi miniatures.

We have been in business for over 10 years, thanks to the support of our brilliant customers! We hope to keep designing exciting miniatures for years to come.

Baron of Dice

At Baron Of Dice we strive to create the best dice in the world. The difference is astounding. Our hand-swirled resin dice are heavier, bubble-free, and precision engraved to deliver superior quality, balance, and detail; there is no rival. Each design is crafted with the amazing tabletop community in mind.

Baron Of Dice was created to fill a niche in the tabletop community, Wargaming dice should be premium and easily accessible. From humble beginnings to now, we are Wargamers at heart!

Crystal Fortress

Crystal Fortress® provides multi-use display units and accessories for the gaming and collectibles industries that have been searching for a solution to organize, protect, and proudly display their collection in a manner fitting the respect that it deserves.

Crystal Fortress® is 100% modular and designed to meet your gaming collectible needs! Display, store, and protect your beautiful collection the way your models are meant to be seen. With the Crystal Fortress Display System you can show off your collection in crystal clear, stack-able cases in limitless configurations. Don't hide your beautifully painted little treasures in a box, bin, or foam tray ever again. Display your miniatures the way they were meant to be seen, and bring them the respect they deserve!

Evolution Games

Evolution Games is a great local supporter of everything gaming related. They offer a wide variety of games and play options. Their calendar is always full of activities and tournaments and events where you can play your favorite game or meet new people and see old friends. With space for tabletop games like Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy, and MESBG, they also have a robust TCG community for games like Magic: The Gathering and Flesh & Blood. They also offer rooms for gaming groups to play D&D or their other favorite systems in a more private setting.

Green Stuff World

Spanish crafters of fine hobby tools & supplies - This family owned company based in Valencia produces high quality (and in high demand) products ranging from paints and tools to basing materials, glues, display plinths and of course, the Green Stuff Putty that made them famous!

Kromlech - Bits of War

Kromlech is a Polish tabletop miniature company that manufactures and distributes high-quality miniatures, accessories, and scenery for miniature games on a 28mm scale. Our company has a reputation for high-standard, detailed products with quick and comprehensive logistics and support for the customer base, contributing to all those successes over the years. We will continue to deliver the best products worldwide.

Kromlech credits its many years of success to the quality of miniatures matched by a few and our logistics. We have a reputation for processing and shipping orders even the same day they were placed, with the largest orders taking a few days at the utmost. Furthermore, we continue to steadily release new products, expanding our range to suit the tastes and needs of hobbyists and wargamers.

Oren Wood Works

Our work combines classic techniques mixed with modern methods to create stunning, beautiful pieces. You can count on us to complete your order promptly and at a competitive price. Order your expertly built, custom handcrafted goods today.

We are a solid wood product producer. We specialize in bringing high quality hand made products at a reasonable price.

Rexer's Lasers

Whether it's wood, mdf or acrylic we customize all your gaming terrain and accessory needs.

Snarky Sayings

Snarky Sayings is an online retailer of numerous gaming items including movement trays, drink cups, mdf items, counters, templates, trophies/signs, small bags, and much more. Check them out on their Etsy shop to see all they have to offer.

Squad Marks

Squad Marks are the ultimate gaming aid for table top miniatures. They are plastic clips that simply enough help “mark your squads” and can snap on and off of your bases in between games. Squad Marks are designed for standard base sizes and shapes such as beveled edged found in games like Warhamer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and Infinity the Game, rounded edges found in Warmachine and Malifaux and straight edged such as laser cut acrylic bases.

The Magnet Baron

The Magnet Baron is DIY home for super magnets for all your craft and hobby needs! Offering a wide array of magnet options along with other gaming tools and hobby items, they're a great stop to check out all they have to offer. They also offer military discounts which can be found on their website for more information.

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